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In their combined 20+ years spent working in the egg donation and surrogacy field, Stephanie Levich and Megan Edgecumbe wanted to create a program to help prospective surrogates and egg donors receive the proper guidance and care throughout their journeys.

At no cost to surrogates or egg donors, Make Families will be your guide and advocate to make sure that you are pointed in the right direction and that your surrogacy or egg donation journey is the best it can possibly be!

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Stephanie and Megan have developed a large network of the most reputable surrogate and egg donor agencies throughout the country that they have vetted. Only the best agencies are invited into our exclusive network.

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With over 20+ years of combined experience working in the surrogacy and egg donation world, Megan and Stephanie bring tons of resources and inside knowledge to every surrogate and egg donor they assist.


Both Megan and Stephanie have been on the receiving end of fertility assistance. We never take for granted that at the end of every surrogacy or egg donation journey comes the miracle of a baby that a family has dreamed about for so long. Surrogates and egg donors help bring that dream to life for so many.

why all the pineapples?

We call our surrogates and egg donors the pineapple tribe, and use a pineapple in our logo because pineapples have become a powerful symbol of hope to the millions of people struggling with infertility. People from all over the world have found support, friendship, and solidarity online through bright happy photos of pineapples and related hashtags, acting as a reminder that no one going through infertility is ever alone.

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More About Megan

Megan Edgecumbe began her career in the surrogacy field after her own personal struggle with infertility. After overcoming many hurdles, IVF finally helped her achieve her dream of becoming a mom. Trying for her second child proved to be even more difficult and after experiencing several failed embryo transfers and a ruptured ovary that resulted in an emergency near-death experience, she began to lose all hope. That’s when the kindest most unexpected gesture was made by the kindest most unexpected person. Megan’s son’s nanny offered to become her surrogate and carry her and her husband’s second child. This incredible gesture not only opened Megan’s eyes to the world of surrogacy and the incredible women who selflessly offer the most special gift imaginable, but it also completely changed the path of her career. She knew her new calling was to help bring hope to other intended parents embarking on their surrogacy journey and to also help surrogates – the incredible women – just like her nanny – who so generously give parents the most precious gift of family.

Megan earned an MBA degree and worked with a top reproductive law firm before starting her own boutique surrogacy program. Because her program purposefully only handles a small volume of cases to maintain the highest level of care for intended parents and surrogates, she felt there was still more she could do and ways she could help outside of her program’s work. That’s when she and Stephanie joined forces to create Make Families. Their goal is simple. To ensure that all surrogates and egg donors go on to work with reputable, professional, and vetted agencies and that the agency is the right fit for them.

It’s Megan’s personal family building journey that makes her uniquely both personally and professionally invested in surrogacy and the incredible women who help make dreams like hers become a reality.

More About Stephanie

Stephanie Levich has been working with egg donors and surrogates for over 18 years. She began her career in surrogacy because of her own family’s experience with infertility. Her mom suffered from an infection when she was only a child which resulted in a hysterectomy. Stephanie’s parents were fortunate to be able to build their family through adoption and went on to adopt Stephanie and their two other children. Her parents have always been the most loving parents and they gave Stephanie and her siblings the best life possible. The thought of other people like them not being able to experience the joy and love of having children is what ultimately brought her to a career in egg donation and surrogacy.

Stephanie was first introduced to the world of surrogacy when she began working with a Los Angeles based egg donor and surrogate agency. After learning the ropes and falling in love with the work, she co-founded her own egg donor and surrogate program which grew to become an internationally recognized agency. After running the agency for about a decade, she decided to leave the agency world and went on to start one of the nation’s most premier egg donor and surrogate search and consulting firms. While Stephanie’s consulting work allows her to help parents find their best egg donor and surrogate matches, creating Make Families now allows her to also help egg donors and surrogates find the right agencies, too.

Highlights of Stephanie’s career include a White House invitation to speak with political leaders about the challenges that young entrepreneurs face, and being featured in several major publications including ForbesWomen, The New York Post, and Inc. Magazine.

Beyond any professional achievement, Stephanie’s two proudest accomplishments are undoubtedly her son and daughter. After working in the field for many years, she became an infertility patient herself and after years of failed fertility treatments, she was fortunate to finally find success through IVF. Her unexpected personal experience with infertility ended up only strengthening her desire to help others experience the profound miracle of parenthood. And to help the incredible egg donors and surrogates who selflessly give future parents the most profound gift imaginable.

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